If you ever created something to be published to the web, you might be familiar with the acronym WYSIWYG. It stands for “What You See Is What You Get.” It allows an individual creating something for the web to see exactly what the item would look like when it is displayed on the web. A pre-test of sorts. And, when you see misformatting, odd fonts, etc., you can go back and make corrections until the items display correctly on your computer screen.

Nowadays, you might want to do a little testing of your own with smart phones. More and more people own smart phones which pick up their email and display it on their phone — no matter where the individual is. The emails you are sending out might have looked great in the Internet browser window or email program on a regular computer, but how do they look on smart phones? Do they format correctly? Do they show up at all? Are images missing or in the wrong place? Is your contact information not displaying?

Find a few friends with different brands of smart phones and different cell phone carriers (AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, etc.) and send them each a test message. Use a recent marketing email you sent or something very similar to your email marketing. Get their feedback on readability, layout and other technical issues. Take that information and tweak your email marketing accordingly. The changes you make will allow you to reach everyone equally and effectively — no matter how or where they read your email message.s

How do you keep up with ensuring your marketing messages are not only reaching recipients, but are being delivered/displayed correctly?

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