Not too long ago, search engines simply looked for how often certain keywords appeared on a web page (in the real estate world, things like: homes for sale, real estate, home buyers, home sellers, mortgage, etc.) and then ranked the page higher based on how many times the keywords appeared.  It was a simple task for web page creators to hide and add multiples of these keywords to pages, creating an artificial way to keep pages ranked high in the search engines.

Search has come a long way.  And the big question is, how do you keep you page ranked well in the search engines?

There is no magical, instantaneous formula, but one thing to practice when working on your website or blog is to simply write for your readers — home buyers and sellers.  Don’t write for the computer algorithms (that change regularly) that figure out your search ranking.

After you’ve carefully crafted your web page content, ensure that titles to pages and URL addresses contain more keywords and less “gibberish.”  You’ve probably seen a web page URL that goes on like this:*&YHJuh121_78129dsfijsdB

Ask your web designers to ensure that your web page URLs are more user friendly as well as search engine friendly, containing real words — and keywords — most often.

What tips and tricks have you found to keep your web page ranking high?

Amy Hausman

Editor at Gooder Group
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