If you have a Facebook page for your business (not a personal page with just friends & relatives linked to it) you likely monitor each week how many people “like” it or, in the past, have become a fan of it from the weekly reports Facebook emails to you.

You probably also wonder why do people who you don’t know (at least not yet), like your page?  And, because they “like” you on Facebook, will they like you enough in person to work with you when they need to buy or sell a home?  Additionally, as the number of fans/followers increases, you often wonder will your business grow accordingly?

A recent bit of research by Chadwick Martin Bailey entitled “Why Social Media Matters To Your Business” found two key results:

  1. More than half of those people engaged with a business page on Facebook stated they are more likely to buy and recommend than they were before they became a fan/follower.
  2. Almost half of the people who become a Facebook fan/follower of a business are already a customer and cite that as the reason they became a Facebook fan/follower.

Many of your fans/followers are already clients so they’re in the prime mode to send referrals your way.  Be sure to (gently) remind your Facebook followers that you provide the same professional service to everyone referred to you.  Don’t forget to tell your clients (and past clients) where to find you on Facebook!  They may suggest your business to their friends and Facebook is a great way to introduce yourself to these individuals — though not by personal introduction, but by how you present yourself in the online community.

For those who are followers and are not clients or previous clients, be sure to create an environment that helps educate home buyers and sellers on your local market.  Be responsive to comments and questions.  Be interactive.  Most importantly, be yourself!

Let us know how your Facebook page is working to create relationships and if you’re getting additional business that you can directly attribute to it.

Amy Hausman

Editor at Gooder Group
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