2010 is swiftly coming to a close.  How has your marketing spending stacked up to previous years?  Have you cautiously spent more to get more business or have you held on tight to your marketing budget this year?  What have been your marketing results compared to previous years?

Regardless of your situation, it’s worth reflecting on what other marketers predicted for 2010’s marketing spending.  According to CMO Council State of Marketing Report featuring the Marketing Outlook Audit the following areas of business need will receive the most resources and funds in 2010:

  • 59% Lead generation and qualification
  • 55% Customer retention and monetization
  • 50% Corporate branding and identity building
  • 46% New products or program launches
  • 38% Sales pipeline optimization
Areas of business need
or opportunity receiving
the most resources and
funds in 2010:3
59% Lead generation
and qualification
55% Customer
retention and
50% Corporate
branding and identity
46% New products or
program launches
38% Sales pipeline

Almost 60% of marketers were going to allocate resources to lead generation and qualification.  New business is important during difficult economic times.  Finding that new business and bringing new clients in is paramount.

55% were allocating funds to customer retention.  Although in the real estate realm, you can’t retain a customer like a cell phone company keeps a customer month-after-month, you can retain a customer who is loyal to you and supplies you with quality referrals.

Half of marketers were supporting corporate brand and identity building in 2010.  Getting your brand and identity out there and recognized is hard for every product.  Your service and YOU are your brand in the real estate profession.  Making sure your marketing is consistent and relevant is one vital piece of brand building.

Almost 40% of marketers were spending funds toward sales optimization.  Streamlining your methodology to get leads converted and sales closed is a vital task in building — and maintaining — your real estate business.

Let us know how your 2010 stacks up in terms of marketing.

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