Today, April 30, is the last day home buyers can secure a purchase offer that will qualify them for a first-time or repeat buyer tax credit.  What is your market looking like today?  Lots of frantic activity?

What is May 1…and the next few months…going to look like for your business?

If you’ve been putting in effort in your marketing and haven’t pulled back on it, you’re likely to continue to reap the benefits as buyers (and sellers) will continue to get in the real estate market and know about you and your services.

If you’ve slipped on your marketing efforts, there’s no time to lose.  Ramp it up again.  Sure, the tax credit may have been fueling your business pipeline, but you need to get back on track with a plan to find more buyers and sellers now that the tax credit expired.

Share your thoughts on how the tax credit has helped your business and what your next steps are going to be.

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