What do you send to your clients in snail mail?  A happy holidays postcard at the end of the year?  A seasonal greeting card four times a year?  A simple reminder for “fall back” and “spring forward” time change twice a year?

Take a moment to examine what you are sending out to your past clients and prospects.  How well does the mailing you send out reflect your professionalism, your service, your dedication to educating your clients?  You want everything that has your name on it to put you and your service in the best light.

You have a very short window of opportunity to make an impression with your mailing.  And, the more substantive information you provide, the longer your recipients will engage with the piece and either save it for reference or pass it along – rather than toss it in the recycling bin.

You have a limited budget to reach your past clients and prospects.  Does your current mailing piece…

…contain solid home buying, home selling and home owning advice and tips — emphasizing your professionalism and the service you consistently provide?

…feature a call to action in each edition – asking for the recipient to contact you when they’re reading to make a buying or selling move?

…include a special section each month reminding readers to pass along the newsletter to their friends and family or share contact information for others looking to buy or sell a home?

…a customizable section to showcase current listings, special events or ads from local businesses?

…offer a flexible mailing schedule from monthly, bimonthly, quarterly or even single issues?

…provide special issues updating your contacts on tax issues at tax time?

We’ve emphasized that you examine and analyze your marketing plan and budget on a regular basis.  Have you looked at your mailing components lately and determined whether they are providing your clients and prospects a reason to contact you when they are ready to buy or sell?  Does your mailing piece provide you with the opportunity to ask for referrals?

If you have come to the realization that you need something new filled with solid information for your snail mailings, look no further than Gooder Group newsletters.

Let us know how you reach your clients on a regular basis.

Amy Hausman

Editor at Gooder Group
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