Recently I read that the Fed is proposing some changes to allow mortgage holders and those applying for mortgages to better understand how their loans work.  When you’re immersed in an industry, you become immune to acronyms.  In fact, you use them without thinking — whether your audience understands them or not.

When you communicate with clients, prospects and leads, do you think about how you are phrasing things?  What acronym or abbreviations do you toss out without a second thought?

You have the opportunity to educate those buyers and sellers you work with.  Create a blog post about the common terminology, acronyms and abbreviations they are likely to hear when listing or purchasing a home.  Review your newsletters, emails, and any electronic and print communication that you use in marketing and ensure that it’s easy to understand and contains no confusing terms unless they are followed by a clear definition.






DR (dining room)




The list is endless and be sure include local terms and acronyms that sellers and buyers are likely to run into to.  Leave a comment and share with us your favorite abbreviations — or ones that cause the most confusion, time and again.

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