Back in 2002 Gooder Group shared inside secrets from subscribers to Rainmaker Leads Online on how best to drive traffic to your website and clients to your door.

I’m going to revisit many of these tips with you here on the blog…seven years later. Let’s discuss which tips are still valid in the online world and which ones are no longer valid.

Regarding email:

“Treat email like phone messages. Check your email at least twice a day. People typically contact numerous agents until someone responds – be the person that responds quickly. Even a one-line message saying you received a person’s email and will call, email or fax them within 24 hours is an appreciated courtesy. Or, install an auto-responder to do the job for you.”

Still valid, but a little quaint. “Check your email at least twice a day.” Back in 2002, many people still had dial-up internet connections. (Banish the thought!) Now we’re connected all day long, almost everywhere we go.

Do you send a generic message back to emailers immediately saying you’ll get back to them within 24 hours?  Do you use auto-responders to reply to your incoming email?

Do you respond to email messages with an email?  Phone with phone messages?  Do you even get fax inquiries or respond by fax to a prospect or lead?

And, most importantly, how quick are you at returning messages, especially those of new prospects or leads? How about the “cold” leads?

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Editor at Gooder Group
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