The importance of tracking where all your business is coming from is imperative when it comes time to analyze your marketing and plan for the next year (or quarter or other time period).  Many business owners only focus on lead generation and how much business those activities are bringing in.  That’s important too in order to understand what programs brought in the most qualified leads, the greatest number of leads, etc.

However, it’s just as important to look at all other marketing elements to determine what marketing worked best (and which didn’t).  What follow-up programs converted the most leads?  What past client contact generated the most referral business and repeat business?  If you track this information as well, your decision making for the next marketing plan will be easier and your marketing dollars will be going toward programs that are proven to bring you more business.

Tracking marketing isn’t easy.  It takes a bit of sleuthing and a bit of asking the client (or would-be client) what moved them to start working with you.  Gooder Group has historically tracked all of its marketing asking all inquiries where they heard about us and/or what promo code (marketing piece) they have in hand.  It’s work that useful to ensure that marketing dollars are spent wisely and effectively.

Share with us how you track marketing and what you’ve learned analyzing your marketing.

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