Not too long ago, Dan was intereviewed by Michael Krisa (“That Interview Guy”) about niche marketing.  Dan gives solid advice on finding your niche.  Give the interview a look and listen and share your approach to niche marketing with us!

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    Michael Krisa


    This was a great video and I learned from doing it!

    You have mcuh wisdom to share my friend.

    All Good Wishes,
    michael krisa

    Dan Gooder Richard

    You made us both look good, Michael! It’s interesting. While video clips have exploded on the Net, uncovering good ones has become harder…and by “good” I mean professional quality production and content values. Working with you, I realized how effortless you make it to plan and “shoot” a video. Yet most important is how your editing makes a video interview worth watching…not just another point-and-shoot clip. Nice job! What you are doing at is true service to our industry. Keep it up, Michael! I’d highly recommend to anyone that they follow your work.

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