Every election year brings uncertainties. No one knows who will win – or what changes will hit the economy as a result. That uncertainty can cause many home sellers and buyers to hit the pause button before putting their home up for sale or looking for a new one to buy.

Read our latest eBook, “Life Goes On: The 2016 Election Year Effect On Real Estate and Mortgage Financing in the U.S.” to learn:

  • How election years historically affect housing prices and interest rates
  • The challenges home buyers and sellers may face in election years – and how you can help
  • What you can do to ease the concerns of would-be buyers and sellers
  • Ways to get a home sold -no matter what the market conditions
  • Forecast: What to expect in 2017

Learn the potential effect of the election year on real estate and financing and how you can help your clients during this  tumultuous year by downloading this fee Rainmaker eBook.


Download Election eBook

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