We’ve been discussing Microsites, or mini websites, in detail over the past few days.  (Read previous posts here.) Every Microsite has its own unique domain and can stand alone, or it can be linked to as many websites as you have.

An important detail after you determine the best domains to use for your Microsites — and know that they are available — is to register, mask and forward these neighborhood domains.

Register the domains you want with a domain registry, such as GoDaddy.com or NetworkSolutions.com.

Make sure these domains are masked. At your domain registry, be sure to enable “masking” to allow the Microsite domain name to remain displayed in the address bar (not change with the form URL). (With Rainmaker E-Central, masking is required for Gooder Group to create branded Form Banners for your Microsites, and to allow you to use the same Rainmaker form on multiple Microsites for different subdivisions or neighborhood Microsites.)

Forward each domain to the Rainmaker form link you select (do this now or later, after selecting your form(s)).

Get the technical details out of the way and you’re ready to go!  Later this week we’ll talk more about forms, action plans and your promotion plans for your Microsites.

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