We’ve been discussing in detail how to use Microsites to generate more business for real estate professionals.   Microsites are mini websites that can stand alone or are tied to your main website.

Key to Success: Promote your Microsites

Success from Microsites comes from promotion. Think globally but promote locally. Most traffic to Microsites comes from local off-line promotion. Market your Microsites everywhere locally:

  • local newspapers
  • homes magazines
  • neighborhood newsletters
  • direct mail
  • sign riders
  • business cards
  • property flyers
  • billboards
  • every media that reaches your audience.

Consider online promotion such as

  • pay per click
  • sponsored links
  • banner ads
  • advertising sites (craigslist)
  • social media (Twitter & Facebook)
  • skyscraper ads on local sites that take advertising, such as newspaper websites, chamber of commerce, community pages, transaction-related professionals’ sites like lenders, builders, title companies, attorneys, closing services, etc.


    Always print the Microsite domain in upper-and-lower case for easier reading. (BeverlyLakesHomes.com) It’s okay to drop the “www.” sub-domain if your host record enables the domain to work by itself. Some registries enable this feature automatically.

  1. Add the Microsite to existing ads, direct mail, newsletters, websites, e-mail signatures, letterhead, signs.

  2. Short and simple headlines are often best. Tell them what they will get and where to get it. Example: “What is your home really worth in today’s market? Visit ArlingtonHomeValues.com.”

  3. Develop Just Listed/Just Sold postcards for specific areas. Include area Microsite domain on postcards with every mailing.

  4. Town and neighborhood specific Microsites, such as, BriarRidgeHomeValues.com, work very well in specific local media, such as area newspapers, event programs or homeowners association newsletters.

  5. Add Microsite domains to all yard-sign riders and directional signs for that area.

  6. For more general Microsites (NorthernVirginiaRelocation.com) mass media promotion may be most effective to reach a wider audience. Be sure also to link to “relocation” pages on your websites and property listings.

  7. Luxury home Microsites are best promoted in upper-price neighborhoods and upscale media ads, such as slick lifestyle magazines and special-interest publications.

  8. Consider a car-trunk URL tag, vehicle wrap or moving truck that promotes a relevant local Microsite seen in neighborhoods where vehicle is driven or parked (i.e, if you live in Cobblestone, use SearchCobblestoneHomes.com).

Let us know how you use Microsites to increase your business.  Share your experience with us!

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