When you ask for permission to email contacts, you likely ask for their subscription preferences:  if they want to hear from you, if they want e-newsletters or email special offers, and if they would like to hear from you weekly, monthly or less frequently, among other things.  You are basically confirming how often and what the subscriber wants from you in terms of your marketing message.

If you go one step further, you can ask for personal preferences, which is more like qualifying the subscriber and finding out more about them personally.  Personal preferences tell you exactly what they are looking for (sell, buy, relocate, invest, etc.), what their time line is, where they want to buy or sell, type of housing they’re looking for, price range, etc.  The personal preferences give you insight into the person and what they are looking for in terms of real estate services.

Offer both subscriber and preference options on your email subscriptions and you’ll learn a lot more about your email list!

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