Successful agents know that to keep pipelines full, they must regularly communicate with current customers and prospects to stay top of mind.  Agents use a variety of methods to stay in touch – the most successful employing email, social media and printed newsletters.

The key to success with any marketing method is getting noticed.  Emails must be opened, social posts must be read, and newsletters must stand out in the mailbox.

Personalizing your marketing with your photo, logo, listing information or a special quote makes your marketing piece unique and more relevant to your audience. They’ll pay more attention.

Custom options are easy to imagine in digital marketing like email and social media. But they are available in print as well.  Custom panels in printed newsletters give you the flexibility to showcase listings, highlight a specialty, provide market updates, promote an event/open house or simply thank customers.   And it costs less than $20.

Here’s how agents like you use customization in their newsletters:

1. Rent Space to Defray Costs

Kristi Whitten, a Keller Williams agent in New Hampshire, rents ad space to sponsors to help supplement her mailed and Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) newsletter expenses, as well as offering recipients her recommended vendors for specific home needs.  Kristi keeps her cost low and her clients get great information – plus the added bonus of supplier referrals.

2. Testimonials and Results Pack a Punch

RE/MAX agent Lisa Bradley features testimonials and a sold property in her recent newsletter mailing plus puts her photo and contact information out front on another page of her newsletter. Glowing testimonials and resulting sales give Lisa 3rd-party credibility that speaks volumes.

3. Get Creative

Use custom panels for holiday wishes, ads, brags, listings and more to customize your newsletter and generate sales. It’s entirely up to you!

Need more ideas? Curious what your custom newsletter could look like?  Contact us to learn what’s possible.

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