You have heard it a million times; the key to success is staying “top of mind” with past and present clients. Your goal is to be the first person an old client calls when he/she makes the decision to buy or sell. It sounds simple but when you are working with current clients and managing everyday activities, it’s far more challenging to keep in touch with your ever-growing database. Here are a few tips to consider when you are working to keep top-of-mind:

 1. Avoid the delete button!

Any real estate agent can pass along generic information or send out mass emails, these are often lost in sea of unread emails or quickly deleted. After all, who has time to read EVERY email that they receive? Email smart. Instead of sending out mass emails, group your clients by their interests and target them with emails that are matched to their interests, needs and/or buying patterns. Clients are far more likely to open information that is targeted and relevant to them vs. a generic mass email. This extra step will not only prove that you add value but will highlight that you are paying attention to both their needs and interests (a desired quality in a trusted real estate agent).

2. Use Behavioral Retargeting Data

Behavioral retargeting is using software to collect information about your website visitors. Once a prospect has visited your site, they are automatically added to your database, and you’ll have the ability to customize your communication based on their interests.

3. Maximize Social Media

Do you self a favor and select a tool that will automate your social media. Automation is the key to consistency and the best way to keep your name in everyone’s news feed.

4. Don’t hide in an envelope!

Although printed newsletters are often the most expensive marketing tool, historically they provide the greatest return on investment. If you decide to invest in a printed newsletter campaign, select a newsletter that does not require an envelope. Newsletters placed in an envelope risk seeing the inside of a trashcan before a potential customer sees your picture, your real estate logo and contact information. Often the goal of a printed newsletter isn’t for the recipient to read the entire newsletter but for them to recognize you as a real estate agent. An envelope diminishes your chances of the recipient seeing you.

Tracy Burakowski

Sales Director at Gooder Group
Tracy is the main point of contact for sales at the Gooder Group. When she is not working with clients she is spending time at their family's house on the Eastern Shore.

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