Building upon yesterday’s mantra of checking for obvious errors and typos, be sure you dig a little deeper when you review your marketing — before it goes out.

There needs to be something vital Blackwolf in every marketing message you send out and if it’s not there, you need to rethink your message.

Every marketing piece you create and use should have a call to action and/or an offer. If it isn’t clear what the recipient should do with the piece, it is likely to be deleted or tossed in the recycling bin very quickly. And, that’s a huge waste of your marketing dollars! Nice to see your name and face, but it is relevant to the recipient?

Typos are very important things to catch on your marketing, but making sure your marketing has a purpose is even more vital.

Do you create your marketing around a call to action or offer? Or, do you create your marketing and then insert a call to action or offer?

Amy Hausman

Editor at Gooder Group
Amy is editor extraordinaire. If she’s not writing, proofing or editing, she’s traveling the world and taking photos around every corner.

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