Social media is all about engagement.  You want to be a “real person.”  You should “start conversations” and “contribute.”  You are to “be out there” and “be visible.”  Trying to be everything to everyone is just going to frustrate you…and those you’re engaging with.

The key to successful engagement is building trust with those interactions.  Along the way you can educate, motivate and encourage home sellers and buyers to make their real estate decisions.  Be a leader when it comes to engagement.  Coach your would-be home sellers and buyers to make the move that is right for them.  Help them see the potential in making a change in their real estate situation, all while focusing on the benefits to their lives.  Share the vision with your prospects and understand what their goals are.

If you lead the conversations, your engagement is more likely to end in a closed transaction!

Let us know how you successfully engage clients and would-be clients in the social media realm.

Amy Hausman

Editor at Gooder Group
Amy is editor extraordinaire. If she’s not writing, proofing or editing, she’s traveling the world and taking photos around every corner.

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