Unless you’ve been asleep for the past few weeks, you have probably been inundated with reminders about starting fresh in the new year with resolutions.  Better yourself. Better your business. Better your relationships. Better everything.  Simply jot down all the things you want to do to make everything better and if you work on it, you’ll be, well, better.  Right?

Revisit Those Resolutions Regularly

First of all, who is to say that what you put on your resolution list is guaranteed to make things better? In terms of your business, if you’re putting into practice some new marketing ideas and you don’t test, analyze and compare your results on a regular basis (not just once a year), you’ll never know how your new resolutions are doing in comparison to what you were doing previously.

If your business changes don’t show improvement after a reasonable amount of time, consider tweaking the idea or returning to your tried-and-true marketing to continue getting results.  Just because you do something new doesn’t always mean it’s better.

Resolve To Not Put January 1 On A Pedestal

Why should January 1st be any different than March 10th or July 22nd or October 3rd or any other random date?  If you didn’t get around to making resolutions for January 1, it’s okay.  January 23rd is also a great date to start making changes.  So is February 8th.  The start date is arbitrary.  Resolving to make changes and sticking with those changes are the two important parts!

Start Small & Continually Reassess

Resolutions can be overwhelming because it takes work to make them and to stick with them.  That’s why for many people, they give up.

What’s more effective?  Making small changes.  Just like you advise home sellers to start cleaning up and decluttering before they list their home for sale, perhaps advising them to tackle one section of a closet or one drawer at a time, you, too, can make these small, incremental changes.

As you put into place one change, monitor its effectiveness.  When you see a positive improvement, you will be motivated to institute another change and so on.  And, you can make small changes all year long.

Taking that first step and making the first change is the hardest.  Don’t let the calendar flipping past January 1st limit you.  You can make positive changes any time!

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