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Sellers topic for your blog:

When you peruse catalogs, magazines and sales flyers you often see products that are useful for the house.  You might even have many of them in your own home, garage or basement that you rely on to keep your house looking nice, to repair certain things or to simply organize or clean an area.  When you see some useful items (such as a shop vac, pressure washer, certain type of yard tool, housecleaning item, repair tool, etc.), write a post about its features and benefits and why you can’t live without this item.  Sellers will be inspired to use the tool to make a task easier, especially if it’s something that they need to do before they list their home for sale!

Buyers topic for your blog:

You can never mention the first-time home buyer tax credit (or the tax credit for existing homeowners) too often.  If you’ve already outlined the requirements to qualify for the tax credit, be sure to link back to that post and expand upon it with any details you know will help buyers successfully purchase a home!

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