When you start blogging, you’ll attract readers who are home buyers and selling in your area.  The key to keeping these readers on your blog and starting a conversation with you is to provide them with solid real estate information.

Each and every Sunday we provide one buyers topic and one sellers topic to help you craft a new blog post — or a series — for your blog. When you need more blog topic ideas, go through our blog archive which has a huge number of topics to choose from to help you erase writer’s block.

Buyers topic for your blog:

Buyers today are looking for the best price on the best house.  Showcase your listings.  Link to local service providers to make sure buyers have everything in one stop — lenders, inspectors, etc.  Make it easy for a buyer to have everything necessary to purchase a home in one location when they work with you.

Sellers topic for your blog:

Pricing a home in today’s market is complicated.  Give your would-be home sellers data on what home prices are doing in their neighborhood.  Share examples of homes that sold quickly and what the final sales price was.  Provide them links to listings in their area.  Invite them to all the open houses you have scheduled.  An educated seller is your best client!

We’d love to see how your blog is attracting readers and comments.  Leave a comment and share your blog!

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