Keeping up a blog takes some time and thought.  Sometimes you need a fresh idea to keep things going.  Look no further than Gooder Group’s blog on Sundays where we provide one buyer topic and one seller topic to inspire your own blogging.  Take the topics to use as a single blog post or a series, whatever works best for your blog.

The important thing to remember for your blog is that you should provide solid real estate information.  Readers will turn to you for their real estate needs when you profile your professionalism through your blog posts.

Take a moment to check out our blog archive for even more blog topics you can use.

Sellers topic for your blog:

Outlining the pros and cons of selling “as is” can help your would-be sellers make the decision that is best for their situation.  Sometimes selling “as is” is a necessity due to finances or a personal situation.  However, you can point out the cost versus value comparisons to show how a coat of paint and other smaller cost fix ups can make a big difference in the final selling price.

Buyers topic for your blog:

The federal tax credit has ended, but there are still good reasons to buy, many homes available for sale and deals to be had.  If your area still has buying incentives available, outline what they are and link to where to find more information.  Remind buyers of any first time buyer seminars you might be hosting or any that local lenders might be offering too.  Buyers are still out there!  Help them find you — and their perfect home!

Share your blog with us.  We’d love to read it!

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