Blogging regularly takes some planning and time.  If you’re short on either, be sure to check Gooder Group’s blog on Sundays where we share one buyer topic and one seller topic to help you with your own blogging.  Use the topics for one post or create a series, but either way you’re providing solid real estate information that your blog readers can use.

If you are in need of more ideas, don’t forget to review our blog archive for even more blog topics.

Sellers topic for your blog:

Being successful at selling a home today means two things — excellent condition and appropriate price.  With the huge selection of homes out there, a seller’s home needs to shine.  Give sellers tips on where to focus their time, energy and money inside and outside.  Give guidance as well on the correct pricing in the home to result in a sale, explaining how pricing behind the market, hoping to make a sale will make for a lengthy wait for offers…if any come in at all.

Buyers topic for your blog:

Buyers are eager to know how much home they can afford.  Besides encouraging them to get pre-approved for a mortgage, give them links to useful (and often fun!) calculators that show how much home they can afford, what their monthly payments will be, etc.  Don’t forget to link to local mortgage lenders and a link to current homes for sale in your area.  Give buyers all they need in one spot on your blog every so often.

Share your blog with us.  We’d love to read it!

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