Whether your blog is brand new, you’ve been blogging for a while or you’re just thinking about startign a blog, Gooder Group provides you with one buyer topic and one seller topic to provide you with some writing inspiration.  

Remember that your blog is where buyers and sellers learn about you and your services.  Take time to make sure your blog is serving these home buyers and home sellers with answers to their questions and concerns. 

Don’t forget to check our blog archive to get more writing topics to help you create posts to help buyers and sellers — who you can turn into clients. 

Sellers topic for your blog:

Distressed properties can be found in almost every market.  Remind sellers that no matter what their home and financial situation, you are always there for a confidential consultation.  Explain the different types of sales situations and the advantages of a short sale for sellers.  Provide references to financial, tax and legal advisors you know and work with also to give readers other resources. 

Buyers topic for your blog:

The buzz is about the extended and expanded first-time home buyer tax credit.  Outline the qualifications for first-time buyers and point out that move-up buyers can also qualify.  (Your buyer-targeted blog post might even generate some new listings from this move-up segment too!) 

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