Are you working on building up traffic on your real estate blog?  Whether your blog is brand new or you’ve been blogging for some time, sometimes you need a fresh idea to start a topic to interest home buyers or sellers.  Check out Gooder Group’s Real Estate Rainmaker’s blog archive for seller and buyer topics you can use for inspiration on your blog anytime!

Visit every Sunday for one buyers’ topic and one sellers’ topic.  Cover the topic in one posting or make it a week-long series on your blog.  Either way, by providing solid real estate information to home buyers and home sellers, you’ll attract more readers to your blog.  Along the way you’ll also build relationships — and trust — with buyers and sellers as they make their decision of which real estate agent to work with when it comes time to purchase or sell their home.

Sellers topic for your blog:

It’s all about price.  Sellers often have a price in mind before they list their home for sale, before they speak to any real estate agents.  Take time to explain the intricacies of how you arrive at a selling price that will sell their home.

Buyers topic for your blog:

Buying a home today can be a confusing maze when it comes to financing.  Discuss the ins and outs of how credit scores can affect their ability to obtain a mortgage.  (Direct them to to request their free yearly credit report.)  Promote your lender partners and focus on the benefits of working with them to get prequalified for a home loan before they start searching for a home.

Blogging?  We’d love to read your blog!  Leave a comment and share your blog address.

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