Having a blog allows you to start conversations with buyers and sellers.  Answer their questions and address their concerns.  Discussing topics that are on the radar of buyers’ and sellers’ minds allows a door to open to these prospects and be open to service their needs when it comes time to buy or sell a home.

No matter what topics you cover on your blog, be sure that they address the needs of home buyers and sellers.  And, when you need a little help with coming up with a topic or two, be sure to check Gooder Group’s blog every Sunday.  (Or check out the blog archive for even more blog topics.)

Sellers topic for your blog:

A clear outline of process often helps answer questions and spur more conversation. Consider sharing the process of how you market a home and at what points you do special advertising or mailings, open houses, agent tours, etc. By sharing this information, your seller prospects understand the process more clearly and will appreciate your openness to share all that you do to make sure a home gets exposure and gets sold.

Buyers topic for your blog:

Buyers need a reminder that having their finances in order before they go looking for homes is of the utmost importance. Explain the differences between pre-approval and pre-qualification for a mortgage (or direct them to relevant online sources) and refer them to local mortgage lenders. Provide a list of tips that can help them understand and improve their credit in terms of requesting a copy of their credit report, holding off on large purchases and refraining from opening new credit cards during the time leading up to a home purchase.

Don’t forget! April 30th will be here in no time. Remind your buyers in your blog posts about the quickly approaching deadline to get a purchase offer signed to take advantage of the federal tax credit that can save them up to $8,000.

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