Blogging takes commitment.  And, you need to have something to talk about with buyers and sellers.  When you need a little help coming up with some relevant topics, stop by Gooder Group’s blog for one buyer topic and one seller topic each Sunday.

When you provide solid real estate information to your blog readers, you will be answering their real estate questions and concerns, forging a conversation and relationship with them.

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Sellers topic for your blog:

Sellers now are concerned about the price they’ll get and the length of time their home will be on the market.  Give sellers some guidance on how you help sellers arrive at a selling price and provide current data which shows how long various area homes are on the market at different price points.  If you have recent sellers who can give a testimonial about how quickly their home sold, include that in your post too.

Buyers topic for your blog:

Buyers are looking at the same things as sellers — cost of the home and also what timeline they can expect, especially in light of the tax credit deadline ending on April 30.  Outline the different price points in your area and what buyers can expect at these different levels.  And, go over the process of putting an offer on a home for the first-time buyers out there trying to meet that deadline.

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