Blogging means business. What I mean is that your blog will not only build your business, but you need to be serious about your blog and what you post on it. Your blog is the window — often the only windown for some people — to your skills, expertise and professionalism. 

Showcase only your best on your blog and you’ll build trust and relationships with your reading audience.  The readers will, in turn, reward you with business when it comes time for them to buy or sell a home.

Build that relationship with your readers by offering information of value to them.  Solid home buying and home sellling advice that they can put to good use immediately.  When you need a fresh idea or want some inspiration for your blog writing, be sure to come to RealEstateRainmaker on Sundays when Gooder Group features one seller topic and one buyer topic that you can use for a blog post or expand into a week-long series on your blog. 

And, if you want even more buyer and seller ideas, be sure to check out our blog archive for new post inspiration for your blog.

Sellers topic for your blog:

As the days get shorter, the many fall and winter holidays start coming to mind.  With all the activities and holidays quickly approaching, a home owner may be on the fence about putting their home up for sale.  Reassure your would-be home sellers that motivated buyers abound in the winter months and that having a home for sale during the cooler months can be advantagous – fewer homes on the market mean less competition; a clean home for entertaining translates easily to showings; holiday-decorated homes can be attractive and warm for showings; buyers looking in colder months are often more serious house hunters; and so on.  Outline the pros to selling a home in the fall to win over those would-be home sellers.

Buyers topic for your blog:

Just as you outlined the reasons why buyers are motivated during the colder months to get their home sold, outline the reasons why sellers are often eager to get their home sold in cooler months.  Sellers are serious when they keep their home on the marketing during the holidays and buyers benefit from this.  Buyers should continue the house hunt through the colder months and you can help them find the best home  — at the best price.

Don’t forget to remind buyers that in 56 days, the First-Time Home Buyer Tax Credit expires.  If first-timers haven’t put an offer on a house now, they may not be able to close before November 30 to take advantage of the tax credit.

Let us know how your blog is helping buyers and sellers.  Leave us a comment and we’ll contact you for an interview to be featured on

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