For the past week, we’ve been discussing Microsites — mini websites that can stand alone or are tied to your main website.  Microsites are designed to effectively capture interested leads.

Once you have your domain names selected for your Microsites and have finished with all the technical details, you have a few more details to attend to.  Today we continue the discussion with which forms to use with your Microsites.

Select best matching Rainmaker forms.

When you review lead-capture forms, ask yourself “Do I want this type of customer to contact me?”  Experience shows that Gateway forms designed to capture online prospects in search of properties for sale are the most successful at capturing a high quantity of leads. Remember, some of these “buyer” prospects are actually sellers with their buyer’s hat on, and excellent candidates for a pair of dual commission sides.

Edit your user Action Plans.

Gooder Group’s Rainmaker E-Central allows you to create personal, localized custom user Action Plans that you can assign as follow-up to any form. Microsites are an ideal application of a localized Action Plan. Be careful not to over localize an Action Plan because it may limit its availability for other neighborhood community Microsites using the same form. Keep an eye on the big picture.

Check in tomorrow when we cover promoting your Microsites effectively.

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