There is more and more evidence that many people are dropping their landline phones in favor of going cell phone-only. In fact, according to recent FCC estimates, approximately 11.3 million U. S. households — more than 10% of all households in the country — have dropped their landline phone and use only wireless, cellular phone service. It’s a cost-saving measure and also a convenience issue. One phone, one bill. And, the cell phone goes where ever you do. You might even be part of this segment!

However, the bigger issue is how to effectively and efficiently reach these people? Cell phones are not tied as easily to a fixed mailing address as landline phones once were. So, even though you might have a prospect’s email address and phone number, there is no sure way to assume that the phone number you have can be tied to a physical address very easily. That is, reverse lookup may or may not work.

Why would you need a real address for your prospects? Email and phone messages only go so far; a real piece of mail can make an impact on the prospect to make a move as you’re serious about investing time and energy in the relationship helping them buy or sell a home.

Without accurate and complete data on your prospects, you might not have the option to contact a prospect in an effective way. Take time to get complete information on leads and prospects — including a mailing address.

How do you obtain correct and complete info for your leads and prospects?

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Editor at Gooder Group
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