Have a blog?  Looking for new topics for your blog?  Thinking of starting a blog?  No matter where you are in the blogosphere, you sometimes might need a little inspiration to find a fresh idea to share with home buyers and sellers who visit and read your posts.

And, every Sunday Gooder Group posts one seller topic and one buyer topic which you can expand upon to use on your blog for a single post or a series of posts.  Your blog readers will appreciate the topics because they are solid real estate topics which answer home buyers’ and sellers’ questions and have the potential to start a conversation with you — the real estate expert.

No matter how long you’ve been blogging, check out our blog archive for previous topics that might add some new ideas to your blog.

Sellers topic for your blog:

Spring is the traditional time for many homes to go up for sale.  And, in light of the slow down in brand new home construction, many buyers are looking more closely at existing homes to purchase.  Even if your area was/is not a hot new construction area in the recent past, there are more buyers out there who are concerned with having good location and good value and aren’t willing to wait for a new home to be built OR trust moving into an incomplete subdivision that may take even longer to build out.   Share data about what’s on the market in your area and what’s moving quickly to encourage sellers to make their move.

Buyers topic for your blog:

The first-time home buyer federal tax credit and move-up buyer federal tax credit expire at the end of this month.  Give an overview of who qualifies, direct readers to useful online links about the tax credit, give a reference to your favorite mortgage lenders and also tax professionals along with a link to current listings for sale in your area to give them everything they need in one spot.  Include a countdown to the April 30 deadline to remind readers that their opportunity to buy and get a tax credit is slipping away.

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