Blogging takes determination and diligence to write regularly and find something to say.  You want to educate and inform your home buyers and sellers who are visiting and reading your blog.  Predict the questions buyers and sellers have and you’ll find readers coming to you as their real estate resource…and asking you to be their real estate agent.

If you ever find yourself with writer’s block, be sure to check out our blog every Sunday when Gooder Group posts one seller topic and one buyer topic to give you some ideas to use on your blog.  Whether you use the topics for one post or a series of posts, it’s up to you.

If you’re looking for more topics, be sure to check out our blog archive for even more ideas.

Sellers topic for your blog:

Decluttering is the buzz word when it comes to readying a home for sale.  Another topic to discuss with your sellers and would-be sellers along with decluttering is de-personalizing their home.  Clutter can often cover picture frames with personal photos, but when a home is for sale, anything that is personal should be removed to make the home as neutral and appealing to the widest group of buyers.  Professional and college degrees and certificates in an office, religious and political items, trophies and medals, children’s growth charts (especially if they’re on a wall or door frame), medications, etc. should all be out of sight during open houses and preferably during showings.  Even the family calendar, postcards from friends and personal notes on a bulletin board should be tucked away.  When these unique and interesting items are out, visitors to the home start inspecting them instead of the home!  Remind your sellers that it’s not just paint color that needs to be neutral in their home.

Buyers topic for your blog:

Budget is a hot topic for buyers.  Interest rates go up and buyer’s maximum home price can go down.  Remind buyers to get pre-approved for a mortgage before they start looking and give them links to local lenders and interest rate sites.  When buyers are educated and informed, they can make better home buying decisions with your assistance!  And, don’t forget the countdown calendar to the April 30 deadline to qualify for the tax credit!

Blogging for long?  Just started?  Either way, we’d love to read your blog — share it with us!

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