Sunday means one new buyer topic and one new seller topic to inspire your blog writing.  Gooder Group provides these little snippets of ideas to help you, the real estate professional, write a blog post for the upcoming week.  Perhaps the post can be one day’s post or you can elaborate enough to turn it into an entire week’s posts.  Either way, the topics provide solid real estate information to your home buyer and seller blog readers.

We’ve been blogging for quite a few Sundays, so be sure to also check our the blog archive on for other buyer and seller topics to use on your blog.

Sellers topic for your blog:

Price.  Sellers often visit many of the online sites that provide instant valuations of their home.  Remind your sellers that these are great sites to visit and check prices, but that the data set is often not complete or current enough to reflect true, current market prices.  Invite your readers to contact you for a free CMA and showcase the insight you provide to your sellers that these online sites cannot.

Buyers topic for your blog:

Buyers are out in large numbers trying to find that perfect home.  Investors are some of the biggest buyers in the market right now.  Take advantage of this and point out some of the advantages to becoming a real estate investor and how you’ve helped investors find suitable properties in your area — or referred them to real estate agents in the area they are interested in investing.  What services do you provide to help investors?  Here’s your chance to showcase them!

We want to read your blog too!  Share your blog address with Gooder Group so we can keep up with how you keep home buyers and sellers reading all about your services.

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