Just getting started with your real estate blog?  Regularly posting to your blog?  No matter how long you’ve been blogging, writer’s block can still happen.  Every Sunday, Gooder Group is here to help.

Each week we post two topics — one for sellers and one for buyers — that you can expand upon in your own words and use on your blog.  Focusing on solid-home buying and selling information is one way to keep readers on your blog — and returning for more information.

Sellers topic for your blog:

August is often the warmest month of the year.  What can sellers do to make their house feel fresh and cool during this often sticky season?  List various ways sellers can make their home feel cool and comfortable — enough for a buyer to feel good about the home — citrus smells, cool colors, gently blowing fans or open windows, fresh fruit displayed in the kitchen, shady retreats in yards, etc.

Buyers topic for your blog:

Touring homes in the heat of the day can be hot and uncomfortable.  Make the best of it by focusing on what buyers should keep on their checklist while touring homes in the summertime.  Depending upon your region of the country, certain items would make a home more comfortable and valuable if it had:  central air conditioning,. pool, ceiling fans, central house fans, drought-resistant landscaping, in-ground sprinklers, mature shade trees, etc.

Share your real estate themed blog with us whether you use the blog topics each week or not.

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