Each and every Sunday, Sunday Gooder Group provides you with one buyer and one seller topic that can help with your blogging.  Whether you need a boost to an already established blog, or you’re just starting out with a new blog, we provide you with topics that are timely and useful home buying and selling information for those visiting your blog.

If you’re looking for a treasure trove of other topics, be sure to check out the Real Estate Rainmaker archive for all the past topics of the week.

Sellers topic of the week:

Discuss the supply of homes for sale in your market.  Explain the difference between a seller’s market, buyer’s market and balanced market and how to tell when the market is moving in one direction or another.  Discuss your method of getting a home sold no matter what the market.

Buyers topic of the week:

Discuss the process of writing up a purchase offer for a home.  Explain how your services provide value in the transaction and how your negotiation skills benefit the buyer.  You may want to stretch out this topic over the course of several days.

Let us know how your writing is going.  Do you have a formula for creating blog posts?  Do you write ahead and schedule?  Do you let current events and recent listings create your posts?  Share your best practices with us!

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