If you’ve been blogging for some time, or just starting out, Gooder Group provides one buyer topic and one seller topic every Sunday to get writer’s block out of your way.  Each home-related topic suggestion is information that you can elaborate on (perhaps in several installments all week long) that buyers and sellers are looking for — and will stick around to read.

If you’ve just discovered our Sunday blogging topics, be sure to check out the Real Estate Rainmaker archive listing all the posts with topics from previous weeks.

Sellers topic of the week:

Describe the method upon which you determine a home’s listing price. Explain what a sellers’ market looks like, what a buyers’ market is, as well as what a balanced market means for the seller.  Include your expertise at getting homes sold no matter what the market.

Buyers topic of the week:

Go through some local listings and define words that may be unclear or abbreviated.  Not all buyers are up on lingo and will appreciate you taking the time to clarify the language they’ll encounter while searching for a home to buy.

Let us know when you use a blog topic for inspiration.  And, be sure to share you blog with us!

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