Blogging everyday can get to be a bit much.  Perhaps you need a little inspiration to get your next post written.  Gooder Group works to help ease writer’s block by providing one buyer and one seller topic every Sunday.  The topics are designed to get you thinking (and writing) about information that is usable and valuable to buyers and sellers.  No fluff, just good, solid info to keep buyers and sellers reading your blog, returning to your site and choosing to work with you.

Don’t forget that the Real Estate Rainmaker archive contains all the previous topics we’ve suggested for buyers and sellers.

Sellers topic of the week:

During warm summer months, it is often difficult to keep a house cool all the time.  What are some tips you can offer sellers to give the illusion of coolness during the summer heat?  Think fans, visions and scents of citrus, cool colors.

Buyers topic of the week:

Explain the importance of having a home inspection done when buying a home.  Interview your favorite home inspector and ask him to provide useful tips to prospective buyers.  Don’t forget to include his contact info so that your blog readers can contact him too!

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