I once asked my Uncle Mike the key to his success as a traveling salesman in the western United States in the 50’s and 60’s.  He said, “Never make a call on a fence post.”  When I looked confused, he explained.  “You’ll have more success converting a warm lead with follow-up than you will with cold calls.”  In today’s real estate market Rainmakers are telling me they need to work smarter — and be more productive — and to invest their ‘hour of power’ calling prospects in the smartest way possible — not the cold columns of a neighborhood directory.

Rainmakers are saying they are getting the most business “calling behind” a mailing or e-mail.  That technique gives them a natural “reason to call” which is a key conversation starter — and natural script for a voice mail.  Who to call first?  Web form leads, IDX registrations, sign calls, ad responses, open visitors, inquiries, earlier pre-list presentations, information seekers who were not yet “ready.”  Some Rainmakers are calling every morning for 2-3 hours.  Others are dedicating Monday all day for prospecting calls, and setting their appointments for the rest of the week.  Do what works.  When you’ve worked your way through the list of leads, call them again. — and again — until you get past voice mail and generate an appointment or the prospect is truly not interested.  Keep the e-mail and direct mail flowing to those prospects — “incubate them until they are ready,” the Rainmakers are saying — then call again.  That’s Prospecting 101: Never make a call on a fence post.  Thanks, Uncle Mike!

Dan Richard

Emeritus at Gooder Group
Dan is the Founder of the Gooder Group and the author of a series of successful Real Estate books: https://www.amazon.com/Dan-Gooder-Richard/e/B000APPTQK/.

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