If you’re looking to engage home buyers and sellers with any type of marketing, you should think closely about the approach you’re taking.

If you’re simply promoting who you are and what you’re about, that’s fine.  Personal marketing is a great brand builder.  Name recognition counts for something in every market.

However, if you promote what you can do for home buyers and sellers and how to solve their home buying and selling dilemmas, those buyers and sellers are more likely to tune in and engage with you.  You will be speaking directly to their needs and answering their real estate questions.

Through your marketing and online presence, build yourself up as the real estate expert.  Answer home buyer and home seller questions — before they’re even asked!  Stand in buyers’ and sellers’ shoes for a while to understand what their concerns are.  Develop your marketing to portray yourself as the trusted real estate advisor.

With your expertise out there, leads are more likely to respond to your marketing.  And, with early engagement with leads, you are more likely to be able to convert them to prospects…and further down the line to clients!  Your expertise builds trust.  Share your expertise freely!

Let us know how you capture early engagement with your marketing.

Amy Hausman

Editor at Gooder Group
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