In my wanderings on the web, I was reading my Direct Marketing Association newsletter. One posting caught my eye as relevant to share.

“Marketers that want to position their companies to succeed must do three things.  Go back to basics!  This means getting efficient, getting effective, and identifying the opportunities for innovation."  This was said by Jonathan Margulies, director of Winterberry Group at a Philadelphia Direct Marketing Association meeting last month.

Some main points he made that will help your marketing become more efficient, effective and innovative follow.

  • Get your data in order to be able to use it. Organize your contact lists and use it to reach out with your marketing. What you can get out of your database(s) is only as good as the data you put in. Be relentless in your quest to ask for complete contact info, stay in contact regularly to ensure the data is still valid, and ask for updates and make those database changes regularly.
  • Be willing to experiment. Try new things. Get that blog started. Join Twitter and see what the buzz is all about. Start connecting with people in new ways. Get out of your comfort zone (for not much more cost than some of your time) and find new people to share ideas (think other real estate/mortgage professionals) and create relationships (with home buyers and sellers among others).
  • Make marketing your “center of excellence.” Stop marketing and business will grind to a halt. Be sure that all your marketing efforts are part of a bigger plan, include methods to track the results, undergo evaluation of effectiveness at regular intervals, and fit your budget. Put your focus on doing marketing well and the business will come.

Everything that Margulies said has been said before. But, it bears repeating, especially in the current economy.

You can read the original article here .

Let us know what you are doing with your marketing efforts to ensure it’s streamlined, working and cutting edge.

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