Continuing on Tania’s post yesterday, how do you effectively develop the relationship with renters — or any other long-term prospects?

The key element of how to keep in touch with these prospects is to gain their trust while educating them. Become their unrivaled go-to source for real estate matters by:

• staying in contact regularly (not just when you need business),
• providing solid information the prospects can use (home buying/selling tips/news to help them make real estate-related decisions),
• reminding the prospects what you can do for them (the benefit of your professional services),
• telling the truth (honesty is always the best policy),
• being available for advice or consultations,
• communicating with them on an interactive, conversational level.

What other methods do you successfully use to keep long-term prospects engaged?

Amy Hausman

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    Carol Zamrazil

    I think that using social networking sites (inviting them to be friends on facebook) is a great way to touch in a casual and fun way.

    Amy Hausman


    Facebook is a great way to keep in touch and find new (or old) friends and acquaintances. Have you found business you never expected while connecting up with people on Facebook?

    I connected with an old friend on Facebook who is a mortgage professional. He uses his profile to post daily updates about the mortgage market and what interest rates are doing. I find it interesting to read and he’s also providing useful info to friends, colleagues and former clients who can become future clients for him.

    Twitter and LinkedIn are other popular sites where you can connect with people too.

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