As we move into 2011, you are probably examining and reassessing what marketing has worked well for your business and what needs more work, especially in the social media realm.  Facebook is here to stay and your presence there needs to capture attention — and build business.

Social media marketing — including Twitter and Facebook — are still evolving as more businesses move into the mix and start engaging with their customers and would-be customers.

Companies that have taken a step forward and crafted their own style and method of communicating with — and getting the attention of — customers are the stand out winners.  (Think of local restaurants that do more than send out coupons but build a community of fans, national retailers that promptly address questions and concerns on their pages and grow their reputation, other businesses that encourage interaction on their page and make shopping fun.)  They’ve taken a creative stand to make the medium their own and turned it into success with interacting with customers — and often getting some free publicity along the way too.

As you get involved with Facebook, study what other companies — and colleagues — are doing with their pages.  See what gets — and keeps — home buyers and sellers interested.  Using Facebook, how do you get people to “like” you, how do you keep them liking you and how do you get them to refer business to you long after you’ve helped them sell or buy a house?

Don’t be afraid to take a chance and try something a little different on your Facebook page.   You might just stand out from the crowd!

In your experience, what companies “do” Facebook right?

Amy Hausman

Editor at Gooder Group
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