You’ve probably been part of an effort to “get your name out there.”  You might have a local bus stop bench or a placard on the grocery store shopping carts with your name and photo on it.  And, you could be generating business from it.  The big question is, how do you confirm that you’re genuinely getting business from those branding efforts?

Direct response marketing — offering something of value to those who are seeing your marketing — is a no-nonsense, practical and no frills method of getting your name out there (branding) while also providing something of value to home buyers and sellers to encourage them to reach out to you.  Direct response is an efficient, data-driven process that qualifies leads and conveys their interest and intent while still allowing you to get your brand advertised.

After this self-selecting, reachable lead is received, this “lead” is no longer a faceless entity, but quickly developing into an engaged and valuable prospect in your follow-up pipeline.  When a lead gives you permission to contact them with the requested info, you’ve found someone who is leaps and bounds ahead of the many cold leads that might trickle in from other marketing efforts.  You’ve made a connection and can continue the conversation with this lead.

How do you use direct response offers in your marketing to find more qualified leads and to be able to monitor and measure the effectiveness of your marketing?

Amy Hausman

Editor at Gooder Group
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