Recently, Dan has written quite a bit about Rainmakers using craigslist for marketing purposes here on the blog.  More interestingly, this phenomenon of using craigslist is not a new method of selling homes or finding new leads.

Just last week, the California Association of Relators released its “2009 Survey of California Home Buyers”. In this survey, I took note of those home buyers surveyed who reported using the Internet as a tool in the home buying process.  They reported that the web sites they used were:

  • (89%)
  • Individual real estate company web sites (81%)
  • Individual real estate agent web sites (66%)
  • Zillow (55%)
  • Yahoo! Real Estate (53%)

And…drumroll please:

  • Craigslist (49%)

So those of you who haven’t started using craigslist as a tool in your marketing, what are you waiting for?  Sure, you can say craigslist only works in California (where the report data is from), but the Rainmakers Dan talks to are from all over the U.S. and not just California.

Perhaps what is holding you back is that you’ve never been on craigslist.  Go there right now – find the list for your city – and see what it’s all about.  You probably have something in your home (think attic, garage, basement, etc.)  that you need to sell.  Before you jump in putting one of your home listings on craigslist, go list an odd item for sale to get your feet wet with the free service.  Alternatively, you can browse the ads and you just might find something you just can’t live without.  Either way, go see what craigslist is all about and start putting it to work for you  to increase your business.

Let us know what your experience has been using craigslist.  And, if you don’t use craigslist in your marketing mix, let us know why you’ve chosen to leave it out.

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