If you haven’t heard Dan’s presentation “Rainmaker Niche Marketing: How To Capture Short Sale Listings” at this year’s Real Estate CyberConvention you might be missing out on quite a bit.  (The convention closes on Saturday so be sure to check it out this week!)

Tied directly to Dan’s presentation on the value of niche marketing for short sale listings, is his new e-book SHORT SALE MARKETING: How To Beat Your Competition To Short Sale Listings.  This e-book exclusively for real estate rainmakers takes the first comprehensive look at the offline and online worlds of short sale marketing.  Dan demystifies short sale marketing and details the proven strategies of cross-linked marketing, social media marketing, Craigslist campaigns and multi-channel marketing with practical and proven methods that have spelled success and profitability for top short sale specialists.

Short Sale Marketing illustrates that real estate rainmakers who are able to take full advantage of one of today’s hottest markets — and who know what works and what doesn’t work — are a step above and a step ahead of their competition.  The key is knowing how to bring in more leads and more short sale listings while spending less time and less money.

For a limited time, new subscribers to Gooder Group’s RAINMAKER NICHE SITES for Short Sale Sellers get a free copy of the e-book with their initial set-up. The e-book can also be purchased for $69.95 by contacting Gooder Group.

Let us know how you are capturing short sale sellers in your market.

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