If you’re looking to help provide more information to your home buyers and sellers in an easy-t0-attend format, you might consider a webinar.  It’s often difficult (and expensive) to set up an in-person seminar, but a webinar allows all attendees to participate from the comfort of their desk…where ever they are!

If you have prospects who are still understanding the home buying (or selling) process, a webinar can allow you to make a complete presentation on the steps necessary to buy a home.  The webinar can move prospects to action in their home buying or selling decision making.  Also, new leads can be had from webinar attendees who find your webinar as their first introduction to your real estate services.

The webinar format allows viewers to ask questions as well, getting their concerns addressed quickly and easily.  Best of all, many times you can record the webinar and use it as a feature on your website or blog to allow new leads and prospects benefit from the information at any time!

Much of the sales information you present in-person right now can be used in a webinar, allowing you to reuse what you have and not have to create an entirely new program.  And, webinars can include very current information which is a benefit to today’s home buyers and sellers.

Let us know what your experiences have been using webinars.

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