The last bit — for now at least — on marketing analysis is keeping track of emarketing you likely do.  It’s important to realize that even though a cost per click might be small where you advertise, if you aren’t getting any of those click-throughs to take action on your website (or where ever you’re directing them), your inexpensive click-through rate might be costing you a lot more than you expected.  Take a look at these costs and see how your emarketing stacks up.

1.  Cost per click (CPC) – Cost per click-through.  Your $500 marketing cost divided by 1,000 click-throughs would be a $0.50 cost per click.

2.  Cost per action (CPA) – Cost to get a visitor to take a specific action beyond clicking on an ad, such as signing up for your e-newsletter or filling out a response form.  (If you have a $0.50 cost per click and it takes 30 click-through to get one prospect to sign up for your e-newsletter your cost per action is $15.)

3.  Cost per lead (CPL) – Cost to get enough prospect information for follow up.  Also “pay-per-lead” if buying the service.

4.  Cost per thousand (CPM) – Price for one thousand ad views or impressions.

How does your emarketing add up in your analysis?

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