During this holiday season, you might be thinking about your 2011 marketing plan. If you’re like most people, you think of the new year as a clean slate from which to start fresh.

One thing to consider is increasing direct mail to your current, hottest leads and past clients. It’s a great way to keep in touch, keep your name out in front of these individuals in a way that email can’t — all while providing solid real estate information.

But, to give your direct mailed pieces some extra punch, be sure to send out an email to this select group before the mail piece hits their mailbox, outlining what is included in it and for recipients to be on the lookout for it.

Dan Richard always suggests another email after the newsletter hits the mailbox too. This “closer” will elicit response from those individuals who are sitting on the fence in regards to selling or buying (those current, hottest leads) or recommending a referral (from past clients). It’s a great way to start the conversation about what you want to talk about most — buying and selling homes!

To jump start your 2011 marketing plan with direct mail, be sure to check out Gooder Group’s February printed newsletter. The deadline to order the February 2011 edition is this Friday, December 3, 2011.  This issue is the special outlook edition and includes:

  • ACTION PLAN: Top Tips For Your 2011 Home Sale…Or Purchase! (Special Issue cover story)
  • Home Selling Secrets: 4 Savvy, Smart, Sensible Tips To Get Your Home SOLD!
  • Home Buying Secrets: 5 Top Tips, Techniques, Keys To Find A home To Purchase
  • Less Can Be More: Downsizing Not Just For Retirees
  • Bonus Hours: Show Off Your Home During Winter
  • Rent Or Buy?: Reviewing Your 2011 Housing Choices
  • Saving More: Last Options For Cash
  • Buying, Selling or Deciding? (call to action)
  • Pay It Forward (asking for referrals)

Make 2011 a fresh new start.  Help your clients with their home buying and selling needs in a fresh new way next year.

Share your plans for 2011 marketing with us.

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