Thinking about your email marketing messages and communications, you strive to get them formatted nicely, you ensure they have relevant content and you perfect the grammar and vocabulary.

But, beware that the rules are changing for email!

More and more consumers are carrying smart phones around with them.  They’re not only checking their email on their phones, but clicking on links and forwarding the emails too.  Their smart phones have become the mini computers that deliver email to them  anywhere they are.  If your email doesn’t work on a mobile phone it’s going to get ignored or deleted.

What does your email look like on your smart phone?  Send out some messages to your own smart phone and your friends’ smart phones (a variety of makes and models) and test what the message looks like.  How does it format?  Is it readable?  Do the links work?

It’s one thing to get the message right.  Now ensure the message is readable and reaching consumers in their pockets!

Let us know how you are using smart phones to effectively deliver messages.

Amy Hausman

Editor at Gooder Group
Amy is editor extraordinaire. If she’s not writing, proofing or editing, she’s traveling the world and taking photos around every corner.

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