If you’re on Twitter, you may or may not be using it to its fullest potential.  One way to get involved is to participate in conversations and generate your own to connect with individuals.  (Hopefully these individuals are in your area and are interested in buying or selling a home — or know someone who does.)

Regardless, you can search Twitter to find more information, more conversations applicable to your expertise/area, and more individuals to connect with.

Twitter applications like Tweetdeck and seesmic allow you to search terms within your news stream.  Search on “real estate fargo” (substituting your town/area) and see what you find!

Using advanced search in Twitter, you can find even more information quickly and easily.  Here are key operators to get you started to use the Twitter simple search page.  Happy searching!

  • mortgage source:twitterfeed This is for finding tweets that contain the word “mortgage” and found through Twitterfeed.
  • near:Boston within:25mi This will bring up tweets that have been sent from within 25 miles of Boston.
  • “home for sale” near:“Atlanta” This will bring you tweets about homes for sale. The tweets will have been sent from near Atlanta.
  • @RERainmaker These are tweets that reference the invidual at RERainmaker on Twitter.
  • house since:2010-05-01 These are tweets that contain “house” and were sent since 2010-05-01 (year-month-day).
  • settlement until:2009-12-31 These are tweets that contain “settlement” and were sent up to 2009-12-31.
  • to:MichiganMoves These are tweets that have been sent to MichiganMoves.
  • from:TinaMcManus These are tweets sent from TinaMcManus.
  • #realtors These are tweets with the hashtag “realtors.”
  • mortgage loanThese are tweet that contain the word “mortgage” but not the word “loan.”
  • lender OR mortgage These are tweets that contain the word “lender” or the word “mortgage” or both.
  • arlington townhouse These are tweets that contain the exact phrase “arlington townhouse.”
  • real estate ann arbor These are tweets that contain all words in the search box: “real” and “estate” and “ann” and “arbor.” This is the default.

Share what you’ve found on Twitter that has helped your business.

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